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About Us

1. Idea

Our Founder, Ken Germann, has a passion for helping people become the best versions of themselves they can be and helping them create businesses that allow them to take care of their families, and employees. Too many people that own businesses just own a job. There is a mindset shift required to turn their businesses around to allow their businesses to keep making money while the owners are not working. Ken’s mission and passion is to help his clients and their business to architect their abundance by creating multiple active and passive income streams that keep working while you enjoy your life.

Ken’s mission is to fulfill a business plan that God downloaded to him in a dream. The plan is to create a 5 billion dollars in revenue so that 60% of the profit can be donated to self fund a private foundation to service God’s people. Ken’s doesn’t want to be beholden to any donors. Its God’s plan. Ken’s doesn’t like lightning bolts or migraine headaches. Talking to God can be like talking to 2 year old that refuses to hear the word “no”

2. Launch of B2Beezz brand and suite of services.

The B2Beez brand and suite of B2B marketing services was born of the desire to help Ken grow his own companies. Once everything was working, He decided to make those services available to clients. Ken got fed up with all the people that will lie to you to try to get your money. The only person Ken could trust after being burned so many times was himself. Ken became an expert in Linkedin and hire a team of experts in Linkedini. With Ken’s 23400 linkedin connections and growing. Ken understands what it takes to grow your linkedin connections and reputation. B2Beezz brand is owned by Ken’s full stack digital marketing company Peak Profit Media. Peak Profit Media is part of a suite of companies owned and operated by Everheart Global. Changing World Economics One Heart at a Time.

3. The Mission of B2Beezz and Everheart Global.

We typically don’t get into business because you like marketing or you like sales. You get into business because you have a passion for a specific career path or industry you want to serve in your business. Our Mission with the B2Beez brand and Everheart Global suite of companies and services become the back office for your business. We’ll handle all your marketing, sales, and technology needs. You’ll only have one person to call to take care of everything your business needs in the real of marketing, sales, and technology. Your account and projects manager will take care of everything for you with one phone call. 

Why Us?

Get to Know Ken Germann

Ken Germann has over 30 years experience as systems engineer and doing project management in information technology, 48 years in the customer service industry, and is the author Profit Faucet: Foundation to Small Business Success. there will be a 2nd edition to this booking coming out later this year. Ken has a b2b marketing book coming out this year as well in addition to launching his leadership coaching practice. He is currently working on his Doctorate Degree in Conscious Business Ethics. Ken’s teams have over 10 years experience in digital marketing. 

Linkedin Paid Ads

Our Linkedin Ads Agency consists of marketing specialists, data-driven individuals, and retargeting experts dedicated to providing our clients with outstanding results. For over 1,500 B2B brands, including top tech unicorns, we have successfully delivered on marketing goals.

We Practice What We Preach

It’s important to ask any potential agency about their LinkedIn Ads strategies and their past campaigns. We’d like to put ourselves forward as a top choice, since we not only know what works in this field – we actively use the platform with our own money, driving real profits and revenue. Our marketing system has generated over 150 meetings per month with no outbound contact needed – that’s strong proof of our abilities in this space!

Linkedin Outreach

Our approach to Linkedin Lead Generation stands out from the crowd. We strategically grow your network in four separate areas, building relationships and creating opportunities for PR/exposure, partnerships, strong connections, and last but not least – potential clients. Take advantage of this unique strategy and let us help you reach your goals today!

Linkedin Lead Generation Service Re-imagined

Instead of relying on unsolicited, spammy outreach tactics to engage with LinkedIn users, pivot your approach and make meaningful connections. Position yourself as a thought-leader and an invaluable resource in your field by utilizing the B2beezz LinkedIn Outreach Framework. With this framework, you’ll be able to:

Identify Your Ideal Targets

Generating measurable growth for your business requires more than simply bombarding leads with emails. A comprehensive approach can increase your profit margin and create organic interest in what you have to offer. Our team will help you identify the precise combination of referral partnerships, PR, podcasts, speeches and thought leadership to ensure that you are perceived as an authoritative resource in your niche or market. Through Sales Navigator, we’ll construct customer-specific prospect lists designed to bring yield long-term financial success.

Content Generation

Getting lasting results from content marketing requires expertise – and that’s exactly what we deliver. As B2B leaders, our framework guarantees maximum value with no fluff. We’ll share the knowledge you need to cut through the competition and craft a message that engages customers in your market. Position yourself as THE expert in your space; you won’t be disappointed!

You Could be Missing out on Deals Every Month! Take Control of Your Linkedin Account Today

LinkedIn is increasingly an important platform for B2B businesses. Data shows that prospects form a more favorable opinion of a company with greater than 1,000 followers and consistent content published regularly on their profile. Without this presence, companies may find themselves at a disadvantage when attempting to build trust with potential buyers. Companies seeking stronger relationships should consider adding content to their LinkedIn page in order to persuade prospects to move forward in the buying journey.

An Active/Healthy Linkedin Page Increases Trust

As part of their B2B buying journey, prospects may take a look at your Linkedin profiles – both personal and business. What impression will they get? Does your profile accurately reflect you and your business? An accurate profile on the platform could make a significant impact on how potential customers view your brand.

Appointment Setting

How It Works

Drawing from our proven system for finding qualified appointments, we emphasize friendly conversation and understanding of prospect needs. Our approach starts by exploring a lead’s challenges, presenting your product or service as the ideal solution, and pre-qualifying them with a short 60 second interview. This helps to quickly schedule an appointment that leads to success.

Our clients can benefit from up to 200 meetings each month with our system. We offer a two-week trial period at an initial cost of $100 per qualified appointment set; this should result in at least two clients within the given timeframe, based on your individual sales cycle. Upon completion of the trial period, you’ll have the option of transitioning to a monthly contract where you decide how many appointments we generate for you each month. We can evaluate your marketing needs to help you reach or exceed your goals. You need at least 12 touch points in an omnichannel marketing strategy to get the best results to grow and scale your business. 

The success of any sales organization is in large part dependent on the effectiveness of their closing strategy. At Abundant Growth Makers, we specialize in appointment setting and have developed a highly skilled team of closers with an impressive 30% closure rate. For those clients looking to expand their reach, we can offer up to 25 new sales people every month to close your appointments successfully. 

We leverage the power of technology to optimize scheduling, which allows for a 70% increase in attendance. Our close rate is 30%. Additionally, when booking is successful and deal is closed – you’ll be charged a 20% commission from the total value at the end of each trial period. If your organization needs assistance with setting and closing deals – don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Who We Serve

Financial services






Commercial Insurance




Marketing and sales

Commercial Real estate


Financial Planners



We work with Financial services, Technology, Manufacturing, Construction, Retail, Telecommunications, Insurance, Healthcare, Education, Engineering, Marketing and sales, Real estate to build their brands and scale up your business.



T: +1 941 380 4390 E: [email protected]


T: +1 941 380 4390
E: [email protected]

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